Unleashed to VCU118 without PCIE/DDR with NVDLA replacement IP

I have an unleashed board and a VCU118. I’d like to replace the NVDLA block (which is possible if I compile with Makefile.vcu118-iofpga) and I’d like to replace it with another IP which has an AXI port. Also I’d like to remove the PCIE and DDR implementations. Any idea which files I should look at to make these changes?


As for disabling PCIE and DDR you need to look into IOFPGADesign.scala. You can just comment out any line that you see pcie or ddr in it. To replace NVDLA with another IP, you can follow the code in https://github.com/sifive/nvidia-dla-blocks/blob/master/src/main. You can see that how we convert AXI to Tilelink in NVDLA.scala. You probably need to change the blackbox module in ip/nvdla.scala as well.