It arrived today. Thanks, SiFive!

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Bonus points for tweeting selfie wearing it!

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I already signed up to Twitter because of SiFive, soon I’ll have to get a selfie-stick too. :wink:

How did you exchange the shipping address?

After I sent my selfie I received a direct message over Twitter.

Honestly, considering the sheer amount of work it must have taken to design the EF310, the HiFive1 board, put both into production, create all the support infrastructure (forums, BSPs etc) and then handle all the marketing and distribution efforts I was surprised anybody had the time to deal with the t-shirts within a month. I was quite happy to wait for a while.

Alternative hypothesis: maybe this chip design/fab stuff isn’t as hard as I thought it was? :wink:

Ahh, I was wondering if I should send a DM @sifive about the t-shirt. Never received a DM from them so I’ve been waiting to see if there was any news regarding it. Guess I’ll send a DM their way with my shipping address and shirt size :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s the right thing to do!

I received a DM on Twitter, but declined. You see, I cheated… I didn’t buy the card, I’m a reviewer, but I got the offer anyway. And even if I said no thanks, I’d like to thank the team for the offer, and for the other who deserve to get that T-shirt more than I do… It’s awesome what you are doing, both offering something really nice, and of course radically changing the silicon world.

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Good thought, I’m going to go tell our engineering team to type faster now :wink:

More seriously, we do want to thank each and all of your for your support! Without the community an open-source community would be very…lonely…

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