Purchase a single board vs 5 pack

Crowd Supply shows both variants as in stock but doesn’t allow me to add a single board to my cart. Any ETA when I’ll be able to purchase a single HiFive1 again? Thanks!

Please try again now, there are currently a few boards available for single or 5-pack purchase!

Got one. Thanks! I’m excited to play with it and hopefully get CircuitPython (a fork of MicroPython) on it.

Don’t forget to tweet us (@SiFiveInc) a picture of you and your board and we’ll ship you a SiFive T-shirt!

I’d love to share a photo of it Jack! It looks like it won’t ship until May. Is that expected? I thought it was in stock.

I think when you originally posted there were just a few left. We’re currently manufacturing another batch, and will ship as soon as they’re ready!

Ok, sounds good! I can’t wait to play with it. :slight_smile: