SiFive: Announcing the Second Generation of HiFive1 and FE310

(Penguin) #1

Rev. B of the HiFive1 got announced!

(Thomas Hornschuh) #2

Cool. Directly ordered it :slight_smile:

(Ty) #3

I know this is designed to be a micro controller but I’m interested in doing some operating system development with it. The price is right, I want to play with RISC-V and I just want to do simple some relatively basic things.

Does anyone know of any hardware that could be added to give graphical display capabilities? I’m not talking about adding a 3D graphics chip, just old fashioned stuff.

(Thomas Hornschuh) #4

Hi, when can we expect an updated datasheet for the new chip and also documentaion for the board?

(Wladimir van der Laan) #5

The “HiFive1 getting started guide” lists this display as supported (note: haven’t tried it myself):

Adafruit’s Resistive Touchscreen & LED Display:

(Jim Wilson) #6

I expect that docs will be available when the board starts shipping.

(Wendy Sarrett) #7

It was listed as shipping by the 16th. Has that happened? Any updated shipping info (I have mine ordered!!!)

Update: I got an email the other day that items are being packed and they expected pre-orders shipped by then end of the month. Folks with pre-orders should get an email when their unit is shipped.

(John Whitmore) #8

First time around i was financially chalanged, this time around in a contract and time is sparse. Still i think I’ll have to get this and try make a laptop.

I pity the community answering questions, if i push the button.

(Penguin) #9

Yeah I got an e-mail this morning saying mine was shipped. Not sure why it was so delayed though.

(Wladimir van der Laan) #10

Mine arrived today (in The Netherlands). Haven’t had time to play with it yet.

(Bruce Hoult) #11

I ordered two, one on March 12 and decided I needed another as a gift on April 8. The first one shipped on April 26 and the second on May 7.

I suspect some aspect of the fulfillment process doesn’t have very high throughput, but it looks as if all or almost all of the preorders have been shipped now, so any new orders now might ship pretty quickly. That’s just my opinion as a regular customer.


The latest update at CrowdSupply is from April and here it is June. I placed an order on June 10. I hope there are more in the pipeline!

(Jim Wilson) #13

The crowdsupply site says “Orders placed now ship Jun 21, 2019.”