SiFive: Announcing the Second Generation of HiFive1 and FE310

(Penguin) #1

Rev. B of the HiFive1 got announced!

(Thomas Hornschuh) #2

Cool. Directly ordered it :slight_smile:

(Ty) #3

I know this is designed to be a micro controller but I’m interested in doing some operating system development with it. The price is right, I want to play with RISC-V and I just want to do simple some relatively basic things.

Does anyone know of any hardware that could be added to give graphical display capabilities? I’m not talking about adding a 3D graphics chip, just old fashioned stuff.

(Thomas Hornschuh) #4

Hi, when can we expect an updated datasheet for the new chip and also documentaion for the board?

(Wladimir van der Laan) #5

The “HiFive1 getting started guide” lists this display as supported (note: haven’t tried it myself):

Adafruit’s Resistive Touchscreen & LED Display:

(Jim Wilson) #6

I expect that docs will be available when the board starts shipping.