Assistance getting in contact with SiFive


I’m trying to get in contact with anyone at SiFive sales/marketing/community outreach.

I’ve tried emailing,, and posting here on the forum, and I’ve gotten no responses. This has been frustrating.

Could someone please assist me in getting in touch with someone (anyone) at the organization who will be able to respond to email?

Thanks very much.

After how long? I know people have been busy with the RISC-V conference and then Make Faire.

I’m not immediately able to spot any other forum posts from you.

Hey Bruce,

I emailed on May 4, 2017 and on May 8, 2017.

I’ve also posted here:


Oh, ok, buried in the middle of a thread. That’s why I couldn’t see it … the interface only shows the icons of the last five posters in each thread.

Hi Dan,

I am sorry–your email did slip through the cracks. This is not an excuse, but unluckily your email came right during a bunch of big launch events.

So this is our fault.

In regards to the chip themselves, we don’t have the ability to sell the FE310 as standalone parts, but we can work with you to provide some samples. Please look for an email from me shortly.



“we don’t have the ability to sell the FE310 as standalone parts”

What on earth does that mean?

  • you don’t have the rights. Weird.

  • you can’t get enough of them made. They’r a drop in the ocean at TSMC.

  • you don’t want to do order fulfilment and haven’t organised someone else to do it

Does it make any difference whether someone wants 10 or 10,000?

Bruce, Supporting bare chip sales involves a lot more than fabbing more wafers and shipping the packaged parts. Those’re the easy parts. A lot more needs to be done in qualification and production testing to ensure quality across all supported use cases when shipping bare chips in volume. Chips on known boards are easier to test as operating environment is highly constrained. We are working to support bare chip sales in due course, but some things take time to get right. Meanwhile, we are supporting a few board developers as Jack mentions, but are obviously bandwidth constrained.

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Jack, I received your email. Thanks very much for the response! Much appreciated. Best, -Dan