E300 microcontroller

I am looking to build a little appliance that I would like to use the E300 but I do not need all the peripheral chips.

I would just like to use the E300 as a microcontroller to run my appliance. Do you offer a product like that?

If you meant you didn’t want the whole HiFive1 board but only the chip, engineering samples of individual FE310 chips in batches of 5 are up for sale from the same place as the HiFive1:

If you expect to want production FE310 parts, contact info@sifive.com.

There are also smaller dev boards built around FE310 such as the LoFive:

If you meant you wanted a custom chip with fewer peripherals, you should also contact info@sifive.com.

Thank you, ordered the 5 pack of microcontrollers only.

Let’s see if I can get it on a PCB and do something cool!

They arrived, super tiny microcontrollers. I’ll need to break out the magnifying glass to solder some leads onto this chip.