Buy FU540 for HiFive Unleashed

(Ivan O) #1


Can I buy a FU540 chip for the HiFive Unleashed board? If so, how to do it? Through the contacts listed on the official website no one answers.

(Bruce Hoult) #2

The FU540 is not sold stand-alone anywhere, mainly I think because they are made in small numbers and they all are soldered onto boards after initial testing. Unlike the FE310, the FU540 runs fast enough that I suspect it would be very difficult for anyone to make their own board for them.

Why do you need one? Do you have a board that has failed?

(Jeff Moe) #3

It would be great if they were available in small volume for prototype boards using RISC-V. We’re going to build and test this board below. If we can’t get a CPU, we’ll have to de-solder one from an existing board which would be less than optimal.

Thanks for your consideration!

(Bruce Hoult) #4

I agree it would be great if these were available to people to prototype other boards, but I also understand why they aren’t – yet.

Probably the person to comment is @dlee

(Ivan O) #5

@dlee can you provide information about CPU please? Perhaps approximate dates when it will be possible to get a cpu for the board

(Jeff Moe) #6

It looks like chips are available to order now! $25 for 5!

(Penguin) #7

This is for the FE310, unfortunately.

And even if the FU540 is a little complex, it would make sense to offer the cpus as standalones or at least in some sort of modular version for embedded applications. (Like the RPi Compute)

@bruce It would be great for me because I do some hobbyist projects that involve data acquisition for rocketry, and having a cpu this powerful would be great as a replacement for the RPi Compute. But I understand that not a lot of people need this in a standalone form.

(Jeff Moe) #8

Doh, I read that wrong and was only thinking of the new chip…

(Wladimir van der Laan) #9


I think everyone is waiting for a U540 / HiFive Unleashed re-issue

(Jeff Moe) #10

Ya, I’d love to not have to de-solder, but we’d like to move forward and since there is no public plan about releasing the chips, we don’t have a lot of other options.