Is the board open?

I like to see improvements in bringing RISC-V platforms to a more reachable level.

I excited when I see a complete RISC-V motherboard finally but I am not sure if HiFive Unmatched will be open hardware, as I could not find the schematic diagrams and other files.

If it is intended to be open can you please inform when the full IP is planned to be published?

If you look at near the bottom there are placeholders for “Schematics”, “Design Files”, “BOM” which will hopefully turn into real links as the boards get closer to shipping (Jan 1 at Mouser)

That would still depend on the SoC itself being available. I haven’t seen any word from SiFive whether they intend to make the FU740 available as a bare chip. The FE310 is, the FU540 never has been.

Yes, I saw that. Just wanted to be sure when can we see the details.

Buy the way, are the Freedom Unleashed SoCs open too? There is only U74-MC in the core designer with similar features, which I am not sure if they share the exact same architecture.

I recall SiFive at some point announcing they had completely recreated the FU-540 as far as tape-out using Core Designer and Chip Designer (which isn’t open to the public yet).

I believe the idea is that you can recreate things such as U74-MC and FU-740 in those tools from the components provided, but the components themselves are not open source.

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