The U540-C000's Bootloader source is now available

(Drew) #1

(Nathaniel Filardo) #2

Perhaps showing my lack of git foo, but… the blog post sayeth “We’ve posted a copy of the contents of the mask ROM at” and yet for the life of me I can’t seem to find a .bin file there? Source looks good, tho’!

(Vincent Hodges) #3

It’s on the ‘challenge’ branch.

(Wladimir van der Laan) #4

This is great news, thank you!

(Emil Renner Berthing) #5

So, I solved the challenge:

…and September 12th Troy emailed me

If this is an email that works for you I will attempt to argue you should get a board, and to help with that, what sort of interesting work would you like to do with a HiFive unleashed?

I answered, but haven’t heard anything since then. I tried pinging both Troy and, but nothing. Are all my mails being filtered by you or what’s going on?

(Wesley W. Terpstra) #6

Wow! Nice work.