Coreboot or U-Boot?


I’m toying with the idea of porting u-root ( to the unleashed. With that in mind I am wondering if anyone is playing with either coreboot or U-Boot on the unleashed?


I have seen some discussion on the IRC freenode #riscv channel. There is already a coreboot port in progress.
I don’t know the status of it. I don’t know about u-boot. You could ask on the IRC channel.

Have the sources for the existing firmware, such as FSBL, been posted?

The coreboot port is unfinished, and currently on hold, because I (the main contributor to this port), don’t have time to work on it, for a few months. Sorry about that. Patches welcome.

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Hi Jonathan,

If I wanted to play with the RISCV port, is there any code other than what’s in /src/arch/riscv in ?

I don’t know if I’m going to have a lot of bandwidth in the next couple of months either, but if I (or someone else) wanted to pick it up and run with it, do you have code somewhere else we should be looking at?


  • src/soc/sifive and src/mainboard/sifive for SiFive specific code
  • src/mainboard/emulation/spike-riscv for code that lets coreboot run on (a slightly patched) spike

Also check out which describes how to get started with coreboot on the HiFive Unleashed board.

The next thing that the port needs (IMHO) is some code to set up the PLLs and the rest of the clock tree, but there’s a longer TODO list in the documentation.