What are you hoping to work on with the new HiFive unmatched board?

Hi Folks,
If you are on this forum, you’ve likely pre-ordered your HiFive unmatched board and are (patiently) waiting for it to arrive at your door.

Please share with us what projects you are hoping to do, collaborate on, or are hoping that others will do when this board arrives.

Been great to see folks thinking about the case/power supply/fans/graphics/sound setup for this board -thanks to those who have already started those threads and shared their ideas & got the conversations going.

For me, I am interested in “Oreboot” / open source firmware / boot - want to use the Unmatched to try to get GitHub - oreboot/oreboot: oreboot is a fork of coreboot, with C removed, written in Rust. up and going – as well as learn a lot in the process.

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definitely would like to try a hand at porting some os kernels, and maybe a few programming languages…

if it works out well enough, id like to see this perhaps be my personal work/play station ful time ^^

Get Funtoo Linux (1.4) running on actual RISC-V hadware. I did get it running via qemu sifive-fu540 a while back, but that has obviously been terribly slow. I would then like to put some reasonable AMD graphics card in there and turn the thing into my as-open-as-possible-right-now hardware / open-source software workstation.

So far i’ve got RISC-V Gentoo running inside qemu, and it would be great to have it running on real hardware, hopefully being able to fix some issues i might (or will :slight_smile: ) come across. My experiments in qemu have been limited by it’s lack of performance, and so far i’m amazed by how much things just work.

I’m also curious about the S7 CPU core and how it can be used within a Linux environment.

My current desktop isn’t that fast (it’s a 2016 celeron J1900), so when everything works it might actually be able to replace and outperform my desktop.