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i found at .

it says
The following machines are targeted by OpenBSD/riscv64:
BeagleBoard BeagleV Starlight
Microsemi PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit
SiFive HiFive Unmatched

about freebsd
i found at freebsd usbboot hifive unmatched - YouTube

are there more OS which can boot Hifive Unlimited ?

riscv/HiFiveUnmatched - FreeBSD Wiki documents the status of FreeBSD, don’t believe that YouTube video by a random person who did no research (the Wiki page for the RISC-V port at riscv - FreeBSD Wiki is very clear about hardware support, linking to sub-pages as appropriate, and I have been keeping the Unmatched one up to date). The patches to support it were ready within a few days of receiving my board (though getting full PCIe support took slightly longer). They are still going through review as there are quite a number of them but if you use my fork you can build a working FreeBSD image, as several others on this forum have successfully done.