Ubuntu 21.04 for Unmatched

Ubuntu 21.04 has released and it features preinstalled server image for SiFive Hifive Unmatched


It is similar to the previously published image for Unleashed.

One can flash to sd-card and after cloud-init is done login with “ubuntu:ubuntu”.

See RISC-V - Ubuntu Wiki for more detailed instructions. Or ask me anything.


Will this also work on the Beagle-V I just received? (same U74 cores but different SoC)

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The beaglev beta board requires kernel workarounds that aren’t expected to go upstream, because of SoC issues that will be fixed before production. I wouldn’t expect anything to work on it other than a distro specifically built for it. You might be able to use an Ubuntu rootfs with the beaglev kernel and u-boot though. There is incidentally a fedora image available for the beaglev beta board which is mentioned in the getting started guide.

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Jim is correct, it will not work. One could bring in their own opensbi/u-boot/kernel, update extlinux.conf and reuse ubuntu rootfs. But that’s not ideal.

A few Ubuntu people have received Beagle-V boards (I didn’t, but others have). We are looking to see if it will be feasible for 21.10 to have Beagle-V support.

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Yes, I’m already running Fedora on my BeagleV. But I tend to know Debian/Ubuntu better.

There are reports from people who have already copied Debian and other rootfs over the Fedora one, keeping the kernel and uboot etc. They do also save a couple of directories from the Fedora (kernel modules for example) and copy them into the other OS.