HiFive Unmatched is Launched!

Yunsup Lee, SiFive’s CTO, today announced the new SiFIve Unmatched RISC-V development board at the Linley fall event.

Here’s a blog that overviews the new Linux PC form-factor development system: https://www.sifive.com/blog/the-heart-of-risc-v-development-is-unmatched

The board may be pre-ordered today (register for your interest in the board by emailing sales@sifive.com; shortly, the link on the Unmatched board’s landing page will link directly to the Mouser site where the board will be available).

The Unmatched landing page has a link to the product brief; it will shortly have links to all of the other related collateral.

Here are a few articles on the new Unmatched development system: https://www.theregister.com/2020/10/29/sifive_riscv_pc


I want that thing :blush:

Am writing to sales team already :partying_face:

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This is some good news.
Would like to know more about the linux source used for this board.

Do you have a plan to upstream your boards support?.if you share the source of the linux which you provide with the board then it will be easy for distro maintainers to test and look into riscv arch.

Super excited to get more riscv based board.

It should run the same Linux images as the existing HiFiive Unleashed, and probably the same bootloader too.

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Ok I have a number of questions.
Which features on the board are functional?
Some boards list ports but then it turns out they are not functional like onboard Ethernet then you have to use a usb Ethernet dongle.
When will the user guide, and manual be available?
What is the cpu cooler configuration? What is the heatsink/fan footprint?
Is NVMe and SATA bootable?
Will the board be black as the images show or green?

Thank you

Nice! I like how it comes with USB ports and PCI express on board. No need for an extra expansion board this time. Also PC-like mini-ITX form factor is convenient. So I can just plug a GPU into this?
Maybe I’m missing something, I can’t find it anywhere, any idea what the pricing will be for these boards?

The demo at the Linley Fall Processor conference used a video card plugged into the PCIe slot.

One of the articles said it would be priced at 665 USD.

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All of our boards are black as far as I know. it is the company color.

Some of the articles show a board with heat sink and fan attached, like the techcrunch article.

I believe the demo at the Linley Fall Processor Conference used the usb ports (keyboard and mouse), nvme (hard disk), and pcie (video card). Ethernet works too. I don’t have a card yet so I can’t confirm all details.

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It’s greate news: https://ru.mouser.com/ProductDetail/SiFive/HF105-000?qs=zW32dvEIR3vHEV%2FPYYkdMA==

And: https://www.crowdsupply.com/sifive/hifive-unmatched

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Interesting Mouser is saying stock arrives Jan 1 while CrowdSupply says orders ship Jan 15.

There is a difference between arriving and shipping out but I’m pretty sure at Mouser it’s on the order of a day or two (if not hours), not two weeks :slight_smile:

I think that mouser for enterprise developers, because of price. And CS for enthusiast.

It’s $665 with free shipping worldwide at both.

nz.mouser.com offers a price in NZ$ but it’s $50 or so worse than my credit card company converts US$665 to. I think I can choose to be charged in US$ there but I haven’t tried following through on that.

Seems like the same price at both, certainly for US customers.

CrowdSupply historically seem ok at fulfillment, but I’m certain Mouser are better.

Sorry, Bruce, for long time reaction.

Yes, you right - 1,096.47 USD - it’s price for russian customers, and 681.36 $ - for europe.

US price plus 60% is standard in Russia. I know – I lived there three years and was there when I got my HiFive1 and had to jump through hoops to get an Arty because the Digilent agent only sold to businesses. в жопу ((

И не говорите)))

Yes, I’ve some problems cause I can’t buy some Xilinx boards for cash - it’s sells only for busines, especially powerful boards like ultrascale… And this situation one of the reason studying risk-v boards.

Yeah, I had trouble but someone at macrogroup.ru took pity on me and got a retail web store to add the Arty just so I could buy it from there. That was https://mgbot.ru/catalog/kontrollery/410-346-20/ which worked in June-August 2017 but is unsurprisingly gone now. I think one other person (a Russian guy working at Intel) managed to buy a board via that link. I could maybe put you in contact with him to see if he knows of a way to do it now?

I checked with Alexey. Turns out he’s never succeeded in buying a Digilent board in Russia, he gets people visiting the US to bring them back for him. And in fact I took a PYNQ case to Moscow for him in January this year.

Maybe I’m the only individual who has ever managed to buy a Digilent board via the official distributor in Russia!

Yes, patches are going upstream.


This is interesting. Do you plan to give device on discount for Linux distro maintainer?
I understand it is too early for it as distro have to start from scratch if they don’t have risc-v base packages but its not impossible.

I don’t know if there will be discounted hardware made available for free/open source folks. One of the RISC-V Fedora maintainers works for SiFive and already has a board.

We did give away a number of HiFive Unleashed boards for free to prominent free/open source developers to help get the RISC-V Linux ecosystem started. As a result, most popular distros already boot on the HiFive Unleashed. There is probably less of a need for that this time around.

To boot on the HiFive Unmatched I think you just need a new kernel, and optionally a new u-boot if you want to boot from hard disk (nvme) instead of SDcard. And worst case maybe also a new openSBI if openSBI is hardware dependent. I’m not a linux kernel guy so I don’t know the details. Otherwise the root file systems should be the same, and those already exist for most distros. I think that Fedora and Debian both have already booted on the board, but not using the standard packages since we are still upstreaming patches. It shouldn’t be hard for them to make packages that boot on HiFive Unmatched, they just need to add a few extra patches.

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