U-boot, OpenSBI and Freedom Unmatched SDK support

I have recently preordered the hifive unmatched rev A00. I am wondering if there are any ETA or any developments on u-boot port, OpenSBI port and meta-sifive layers port for FU740.
Any status and update would be appreciated.

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Hi dezmenn,

The FU740 source code will be available around the time you receive your board.
Thanks for your interest and support of HiFive Unmatched.


Thank you for the update. Can you update the repo here once it’s upstreamed?

Sure thing - we’ll do that for you.

The GitHub - sifive/freedom-u-sdk: Freedom Unleashed Software Development Kit now supports HiFive Unmatched.


But it only supports the pre-production 8GB boards for now. Support for the production 16GB boards will be added next month. But if you want to look at linux kernel patches you can do that now.

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