Support for HiFive Unmatched in FreedomStudio and Freedom Metal

Hi, I wanted to start developing for my Unmatched board, but the v2021.04.1 release of FreedomStudio has no option for the board/chip.

Then I saw that there is Freedom Metal, Freedom U SDK and Freedom E SDK. The Freedom Metal repository guides me to the Freedom E SDK repo, which supports Unleashed, but not Unmatched. The Freedom U SDK repo on the other hand seems to be empty? This is very confusing. Does Freedom Metal support the Unmatched board? I want to develop bare metal applications.

freedom-u-sdk is now just docs for the OpenEmbedded meta-sifive layer. Source code and images are found inside meta-sifive. The release notes are inside freedom-u-sdk. Build instructions can be found in both.

freedom-metal is part of freedom-e-sdk.

The Unmatched software work has been primarily focused on linux support so far. But freedom-e-sdk support is definitely something we need and we have plans to add this. I don’t think there is a target date yet though.

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Okay, so Freedom U SDK and Freedom E SDK have nothing to do with U… and E… chips, but Freedom U SDK is all the Linux stuff and Freedom E SDK is all the bare metal stuff, correct?

And I guess FreedomStudio will gain support for Unmatched as soon as the Freedom E SDK supports it, right?

Yes, freedom-u-sdk is linux and freedom-e-sdk is bare metal.

I don’t know the schedules, we need freedom-e-sdk support first and then freedomstudio work to integrate the new freeedom-e-sdk support.

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How can I connect OpenOCD to the Unmatched board for debugging ? I don’t see any target script in the OpenOCD shipped with FreedomStudio for the Unmatched board ? Please suggest.

I googled and found that :

Hope this helps.

Looks like support for the unmatched board was merged yesterday:

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