I haven’t had time to mess with my Unmatched in many months now, and still waaaay too much other stuff getting in the way.

However, not long ago, I switched my new daily driver PC from Ubuntu to OpenSUSE KDE Tumbleweed, and I could not be happier with the distro…so I was thinking…

If I could scrounge some time to multi-task here or there maybe converting my Unmatched from Ubuntu to OpenSUSE would be possible.

Has anyone here tried one of the OpenSUSE images with their Unmatched?

i haven’t tried with unmatched hardware yet, but have tried with qemu sifive_u machine but could never get it to boot unto gui (compared to debian, for example which worked great)…

if you do give it a try on real hardware and get a full gui working that would be awesome though.

(as an aside) the reason for me trying suse was to get chrome wtih v8 running since all the other web options are too slow…

I don’t have a graphics card for my Unmatched board, so I could not test any desktop there, but it is working on the Visionfive board, so I don’t expect any major problems on the Unmatched board either.

I have tried the RISC-V image of tumbleweed, It doesnt seem very stable, very rarely do I get any longer than the login prompt

Whats causing it I dont know, it doesnt dump anything on crashes so I have no logs to share

Does it work better with the latest images?

I tried one of these images early last year and it booted to a cli without issues. Due to my ignorance of SuSe I didn’t get much further as I couldn’t figure out how to get wifi working. Presumably with an Ethernet connection it would go smoothly from there.

Keep in mind this was one year ago.

I’d be interested in trying it again so please post an update when you get it running on yours, any tips and tricks to get things running would be appreciated :+1:

I tried it again, just recently, I still dont get to the login screen. Neither from a AMD GPU or through the serial. Unsure why

This was the KDE image this time, so it should have had the necessary GPU drivers

What is the output you get?