Open issues for FreeBSD (not the Unmatched guys)

Lastly, what remains to be done on FreeBSD w.r.t. the unmatched? My unmatched is talking through the network and through a vt220 I had kicking around… so…

  1. FreeBSD needs to have the DRM stuff enabled and fixed on the riscv64 architecture. We need to explore which video cards have no binary blobs and can be supported by software-only drivers.
  2. FreeBSD needs to revamp it’s SPI stuff s.t. it’s possible to talk to the SDCard.

I’m trying to figure out what the “most open source” compatible video card is that is also cheap to purchase (new or used). There were some opensource video card efforts back-in-the-day, but none of them have updated in the last 6 or so years. nVidia 710’s are cheap — but I’m not sure of the state of the NV driver. 5450’s also seem cheap — so maybe some of you have tried things on the linux side.

That’s for #1. For #2, the SPI code apparently needs refactoring. I’ve ordered some raw SPI SDCard holders and I’ll probably spin up an RPI to have a working platform to hack on. Dunno how far I’ll get.

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