Dev Board with RISC-V core U-Mode


Does anyone know of any development boards that have a RISC-V core that supports U-mode? I have a HiFive Rev B on order, but I don’t think it supports U-mode. I really want to work with a hard core instead of a soft core on an FPGA, but I guess I can use FPGA as a backup.

(Jim Wilson) #2

You can find a list of cores at

turn off cores and soc platforms to see just the socs (aka ASICs). I don’t know offhand which ones have U mode and which ones don’t. The embedded ones probably don’t. For SiFive parts, only the UXXX ASICs have U-mode support. Unfortunately, we have sold out of the HiFive Unleashed and aren’t planning to make more, but will eventually make a follow on board available. I know that the Kendryte K210 ASICs can run nommu linux, but I don’t think that you need U-mode support for that to work. If fpga is OK then there are likely more options available.


I will check that out, thanks for the reply. I’m doing my senior design project on embedded systems security, and I want to play with user mode and PMP. Hex-Five has a x300 core bit stream that has u-mode and 8 PMP registers I think. I’m also wanting to incorporate RUST programming language into the project. Thanks.
If anyone has any suggestions on using Rust with RISC-V cores, please let me know.

(Bengt Bäverman) #4

No, problems. The FE310-G002 in the HiFive rev B has both M and U modes.


I just downloaded the FE310-G002 manual and according to section 3.6, it does have m and u mode and 8 pmp registers. If that is correct, that will be perfect for my project! Thanks for the heads up.