Is there a U34 core (Or a 32 bit core with S & U Mode by Sifive)

(Fahad Mubeen) #1

I see that some of the Qemu forums mention U34 core, but on Sifive website I don’t see any mention of U34 core. Is there a U34 core, or what is the core that is used when I run the 32 bit qemu emulator using sifive_u as machine, on 64 bit it’s u54 core, what’s the core used on 32 bit?
Also where I find the manual of it.

(Krste Asanovic) #2

SiFive does not currently have a U34 RISC-V Core IP product (or any 32-bit core with supervisor mode support). I assume that QEMU is providing the obvious RV32GC equivalent of the RV64GC U54 core in emulation.