Individual FE310 chips

The individual FE310 chips are no longer sold on crowd supply. Is that temporary? Or perhaps you are planning on launching another Freedom Everywhere chip revision soon? Any timing on that? Also, is there someone who would sell me one or two from their personal 5-pack batch, in the meantime?

In any case, I was thinking about creating a breakout board for the FE310, as the HiFive1 board makes experimenting with a lot of things inconvenient, or nearly impossible. I guess it would probably be a good idea to include decoupling capacitors in the breakout board itself, as I imagine adding them after a long trace of the breakout board would decrease their effectiveness. Do you have recommendations on how far the decoupling capacitors can be? AFAIR the spec sheet doesn’t say anything about that. BTW, do you have any other recommendations about the other components that could affect the design of a breakout board, such as the oscillators? In fact, I wonder if you guys don’t already have an internal design for a breakout board you would like to share.


Definitely bare chips will be available again sometime soon. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact details.

Meantime, are you aware of the LoFive?

At minimum, it gives you a well tested board design. Assembled and tested ones have been sold in a couple of campaigns:

Actually, it looks like some may be in stock now?

That board still does not cover all of my use cases. Thanks for the tip, though.
When you have any more information of when the individual chips will be available again please share it.

You can now buy the new version of the FE310 here

That’s pretty much EXACTLY what the LoFive I mentioned above, just over three years ago, is.