E300 on the market. Other SBC:s with it?


I’d like an SBC with the E300, a MicroSD reader, SPI and perhaps USB, similar to Teensy, https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/ .

Is the Freedom E300 for sale on the market? Are companies making more E300 boards?


I think making sure Paul Stoffregen (paul@pjrc.com) is aware of the E310-G000 would be an excellent idea … and sending him a few evaluation chips.

He designs and makes great boards with various CPUs that I’ve used for years – I just checked email and found my order for “Teensy USB” on 13 Feb 2012.

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So this is attn: to Sifive :slight_smile:

We are sampling FE310-G000 to select partners, as it’s not available for sale yet.
If you/or others are interested in getting a sample, please send us an email at info@sifive.com

One partner that has demo’d a SBC with the E310 is Antmicro, which just had a demo last week at Embedded World:

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So, I emailed Paul and Robin at pjrc.com, and CC:ed info@sifive.com . Will be curious to see what comes out of it.

What I personally would like is basically just a small board with a microSD reader, and with SPI and USB that you can emulate devices via.

@jackckang , what is/will be the approx price for your FE310-G000 when buying 10 or 1000?


I’ve been designing and selling breakout kits for the various Teensy boards for several years now under the name Tall Dog Electronics.

Recently, I’ve designed a whole board centered around the E310-G000 that is roughly the same form-factor as the Teensy, Arduino Micro, Adafruit Trinket (etc.) and I’m very interested in manufacturing it. In fact, it’s almost entirely ready to go. The full hardware design would also be released open-source, most likely CC-BY-SA. I would probably do pre-sales via a small crowdfunding campaign to pay for manufacturing.

However, SiFive hasn’t responded to my recent email inquiry. I’m very small, and I hope that they haven’t determined that I’m not (financially) worth their time. I know they want to sell IP licenses for custom chips. There’s no way I can afford to license their IP and have my own chips manufactured. I just want to use the existing E310 in a development product that’s also licensed as open-source hardware.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas!



I wonder if you are looking to share your designs under an open source license beforehand anyway? I was thinking of doing something similar as a summer project but if you are already doing this then I’d be interested in learning from your designs. I also wonder what formats/CAD software you are using?

Troll!! :grin:
To make this a mass market product, all you need to do is give us a chip price and keep it in stock.
I for one will design boards for these chips if you give me 1000pcs price today for these 300 freedom chips.
Alternatively announce a price and advertise in a ‘pre-order’ site like https://groupgets.com/
You may need orders of 10,000 or 100k to justify a production run of the chips,
(I just don’t know) but hey if the funding target is not reached, then it don’t happen and
no risk to anyone.

Hey e-y-e, before releasing this I’m going to wait until I hear one way or another about actually sourcing the FE310 chips, since that’s still such an unknown at the moment. Still no response from SiFive as of today, I’ve tried emailing info@sifive.com as well as order-support@sifive.com. I use EAGLE for board design.

Arduino Cinque!!

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