FE310 chip price in OEM quantities?

Hi, I’ve searched here and elsewhere and sent an email to info@ but can’t find any FE310 chip price info except 5 packs at CrowdSupply (which I ordered, along with the Arduino board). Just wondering. It sounds like the board and module market is going to be pretty crowded with early offerings based on this part! I’ll be at the workshop at end of 2017 Nov, maybe there will be some OEM chip information available there?

Right now the only place to buy FE310s is through CrowdSupply in the 5 packs.

We are evaluating and working on other potential distribution methods, but we may wait until the next revision of our Freedom Everywhere chip. Until then, CrowdSupply 5 packs are the only way to go.

Sorry I don’t have a more definitive update at this time. Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop–please come find us and say hello!