RISCV Purchase on Crowd Supply

(Christopher) #1


I hate to be a pain in anyone’s side, but I have ordered the HiFive1 Rev B, and haven’t heard anything in a little over a week. The crowd supply website said they were in stock.
I have tried reaching out to SiFive, and have not had a response. I was just curious where my order was in your process.

I’m really looking forward to playing around with the board, I bought a riscv assembly book and can’t wait!

Thank you,

(Jack Kang) #2

Hi Chris,

Those orders are handled by Crowdsupply, not SiFive. Your best bet is to send an email to orders@crowdsupply.com with your order details.

Please let us know if they don’t respond and we can see if we can help find out what’s going on.


(Susan Mackay) #3

I ordered my HiFive1 B in June and it was sent in September. I think it is a matter of how many they make in a batch, how long that batch takes to make and then sell out.
Once they sent it, it went fro the US to Australia in a few days.