Can I buy an Unleashed board?

As subject.

It appears not?

I’m guessing boards were manufactured only for pre-paid orders?

So, I used the “contact us” form on the site and there’s been no reply - but the day after I sent this question, the “pre-order now” link was removed from the Unleashed page, below;

The page says “Funded! Order now” but I guess the “Order now” is boilerplate, and just misleading.

I posted in here - this thread - a couple of days ago, no reply to this thread.

I’m guessing it’s not possible to order, but I’m not completely sure - it could even be a problem with the web-site and it’s missing a buy button, or a browser compatibility problem.

We made a fixed number of boards, and they are apparently all sold out now. There will be more boards produced in the future, but there is no date set for when that will happen.

Due to popular demand, we are building more HiFive Unleashed Development kits. As soon as we can confirm the shipping date, you will be able to preorder on Crowdsupply.

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Thankyou, Jim and Dlee.

I will order when the boards become available.

You can order Unleashed boards on CrowdSupply now, for delivery November 30. That’s quite a lead time I’m afraid.

Just happy I can order and haven’t missed the boat till someone else brings out a multi-core board three months is much better than a year or two =-)