Anyone receive their Unmatched?

I have an Unmatched on order from Crowdsupply, but haven’t received it yet. I see it is available for immediate shipment from Mouser, so there must be some out there. Anyone?

Also, I didn’t see it mentioned here, but this looks like a cool video option:

I don’t see where to actually buy it though…

The mouser page says delivery expected 3/11/2021 for the first production batch. The crowdsupply page says March 15.

That video card looks like the wrong kind of M.2 connector. The board has only M and E key slots and that looks like a B+M M.2 connector. I’m not a M.2 expert, but the first ssd I bought for my microsemi expansion board was B+M and it did not work in the M slot. I had to go out and buy a M key ssd card instead. There is also the issue that we’ve only tested a limited number of M.2 cards with the unmatched. We can’t guarantee untested M.2 cards will actually work. There could be driver issues with untested hardware.

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I understand M2 VGA may not work, thanks for your notes.

Meh, you’re right about mouser. I got excited too soon.

It’s been pushed back again? The latest update on CrowdSupply still says end of February, you may want to push another announcement on that to make sure the date change is known.

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The ship date was always an estimate. There was only one official delay on the ship date and that was announced back in December. The other stuff is just supply chain and manufacturing issues that we have no control over. COVID-19 has made everything more complicated and is causing unpredictable delays for everyone. There might be an announcement once it actually starts shipping.


Oh, I totally understand and wasn’t upset about it. I figured that things are definitely not set in stone, but it might be useful to send out a message anyway just to assuage people who may be a little less understanding or perhaps confused at a constantly shifting date.

It arrives when it arrives; keep up the great work.

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I am/was patiently waiting for the Sifive Unmatched card delivery (ordered in December at Mouser, Europe/french site) and i get the same delay as others (expected delivery around start of March)… but yesterday i received an email from mouser saying my pre ordered was updated… But not seing really a change yet in expected delivery date, so i went to see details on the website… that now say that due to state regulation this item could not be delivered in my country (France) !!! (it was not there at time of pre order). Is it true/possible ? I cannot believe this, really. It is all the purpose of RISC-V concept, being opened to anyone, but i know i ordered a RISC-V implementation to a US company (SIFIVE) but anyway, France is … kind country you know :wink: so i really do not understand this. i’ll phone Mouser Monday to clarify all this (but i’m quite worry). Any one has pre-ordered from Europe ?

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Boards haven’t started shipping yet. Mouser still says March 11. I think this is just a minor snag with the paperwork that will get fixed before the ship date which is 3 weeks away.


The info page of mouser still says that it’s a 8GB RAM board. What version will mouser ship?

Mouser will ship 16GB boards. The info page is from the original announcement. I don’t know if we can edit it.

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Just to be super clear, all production Unmatched boards will be shipped with 16GiB DRAM, regardless of where you ordered them.


It’s late April now and I have not received the unit I ordered in December. Nor have I received any project update with any news.

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It says on the CrowdSupply page: “Orders placed now ship Jun 02, 2021”.

The last update was “Double the RAM & New Delivery Date” on December 10, 2020, where they “pushed the delivery date by about six weeks to the end of February”.

On the Mouser page in the US, it says “897 Expected 5/28/2021”.

I think SiFive should do an update on the CrowdSupply page.

I’m a little perplexed why SiFive can’t take 5 minutes and update the CrowdSupply page. Not everyone follows every post in the forum…

If you already have a current order, you can see this.

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I received a Crowdsupply order today. Order placed November 5th, 2020. It is running very nicely so far. I did a Debian-ish install on it.


At DHL sorting facility in Auckland. It will be after the weekend a couple of days probably.

Got identical email from mouser today, like on 5.11 and 4.9, saying nothing new.

received mine a few hours ago, up and running with a 500GB 970 EVO Plus & GTX 1080Ti