Update on HiFive Unmatched Availability in EU - almost there

EU availability of the SiFive HiFive Unmatched development system is pending final CE certifications, which are in the process of being completed now.

The CE mark indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). You probably recognize the CE mark: image


Thanks for the update @phil.dworsky.
What is the estimated date for the boards to be available via mouser/crowdsupply? I somehow remember june 1st, but i can’t find the source for that.

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In-person email from mouser.

Mouser site still says May 28


That explains why i can’t find it anymore. Mouser simply says it can’t deliver in my country (because of the not-yet-completed CE certification) and doesn’t mention a date because of that.

Same here in Switzerland (not part of EU).
The status on Mouser’s website for Switzerland changed, indicating that the board cannot be delivered anymore to my country. But at the time I ordered it (Jan 4th), this was ok.
I reached them last week per email about this note on their website, but didn’t get any answer.
So I hope that with the CE marking everything will be fine and I’ll get this board.
Latest delivery date indicated by Mouser per email is June 1st.

There was an EU policy and/or enforcement change. Mouser used to be able to accept pre-orders for Europe before the CE certification. Now they can’t. They apparently didn’t cancel any of the pre-orders that went in before the change. We won’t know for sure what is happening until the certification happens though.

England is in the same position as Switzerland. Maybe if the Mouser European office and/or warehouse is in the EU then some EU rules still apply even if the order is from a non-EU country.


I just noticed that the mouser page allows me to pre-order again, does that mean the CE paperwork has been finished?

We believe we’ve passed all the required tests, but we’re still waiting on all of the paperwork before we declare CE Certification. Should be done any day now.

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First Batch on the Way! https://www.crowdsupply.com/sifive/hifive-unmatched/updates/first-batch-on-the-way via @crowd_supply

Yup, @SunWukong! See my forum post in an update thread: SiFive update on HiFive Unmatched board shipments

I looked for the three forums post that have been discussing delivery updates for a while. Unfortunately, it was only after this reply that I saw your new post, thank you.

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Yay - we’ve tested and passed all the CE Marking-related directives and have issued the EU Declaration of Conformity; our distributors should now be able to start handling orders from EU.