SiFive update on HiFive Unmatched board shipments

Hello HiFive Unmatched development system fans and followers,

Like many of you, we were impacted by COVID-related supply chain issues for some of the components on the HiFive Unmatched board board. We’re really sorry about the delay, but we’ve been able to overcome those issues, and we’re happy to report that the first batch of SiFive HiFive Unmatched boards are currently en route to our distributor Mouser Electronics. (Mouser is also the fulfillment partner for Crowd Supply.) By mid-June, 2021, we anticipate shipping to Mouser enough boards to more than cover initial orders.

We’re also happy to report that there are not any problems with FU740 SoC that powers the Unmatched development system board, nor have we had to do any chip spins. Recipients of early boards have made some great progress; here are a few examples:

If and when there are any additional updates on Unmatched shipments, we’ll post them here.

We are so excited to see what you’ll do with your HiFive Unmatched development systems!


Here’s some eye candy:


Thanks for the update and the images, it looks good!

@phil.dworsky is it possible to post the links without a URL shortner? It’s generally considered insecure (because you can’t see where the link is really going), it’s full of tracking and not really useful since we don’t have a character limit over here.

Thanks in advance.

Yay - we’ve tested and passed all the CE Marking-related directives and have issued the EU Declaration of Conformity; our distributors should now be able to start taking orders from EU.


As noted on CrowdSupply, the datasheet has updated, changing hardware warranty from 12m to 6m, and still said 1.2 GHz, so is the final verdict?

Congratulations for completing the CE Marking, I can’t wait to get my hands on one :slight_smile:

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Yes, 1.2 GHz is the default frequency. The Unleashed board shipped with 1.0 GHz as the default so that is a step up. The Unleashed board can have its frequency increased by a driver (via cpupower) and some boards are stable at 1.4 GHz and some aren’t. Unfortunately the driver to change the frequency hasn’t been ported to Unmatched last I checked, so I don’t know if boards will run stably at a faster frequency.

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One person who has had a board for a while has told me privately that his has been running stably at 1.4 GHz for some time. I think he’s changing U-boot to do it rather than dynamically like on the Unleashed.

My Unleashed has been running stably at 1.45 basically since I got it. I tried 1.5 for a while and it works with light usage but programs quit unexpectedly after some period of high load.

We’re happy to confirm that CrowdSupply has begun shipping units to those of you who ordered through them.

Looking forward to your success stories with the HiFive Unmatched development systems!