Shipment delayed again?

Mouser just emailed me and said to deliver no earlier than Jun 1, while CrowdSupply remains March 15.

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Unfortunately same for me …:frowning: (from Mouser too).

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Hello, same here

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Same here. I have 2 boards on order, delayed to JUN 01, 2021


On the bright side, I finally got an Icicle board last week, after ordering it in July.

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I did too, quite a nice board! I have the SDK built, with toolchain, kernel + busybox. Working to get Debian on it…

I didn’t find a block of time to do anything with it yet. If you come up with an SD card image with Debian (or Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) that you can share then I’d love to get a copy!

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What happened with Hifive Unmatched?

Though I have not received the e-mail from mouser, their product page is changed already that the board will be shipped on June.

I don’t know what is going on, but I expect SiFive to make a formal public announcement about the delay. And then I will start posting a link to that in the half a dozen different places that people are discussing this.


:pensive: Dang. I was starting to get ramped up and came looking for the exact date.

Side note… some of the documentation still says 8GiB of DDR4 ram… I assume it’s just outdated? (since SiFive said it will be 16GiB)

“HiFive Unmatched Product Brief” HiFive Unmatched - SiFive

Yes, the product brief is out of date. I don’t know why it hasn’t been updated yet.

At least it seems there’s one lucky guy in the world :slight_smile:

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CrowdSupply still says 15 March 2021. Is the delay only for Mouser or is it everyone?

The delay is for both Mouser and CrowdSupply.

Carlos Eduardo got one of the boards being given to partners.

The product brief has been updated and now mentions the correct 16GB ram size.

Up until the afternoon of March 11 , Croudsupply still said shipping on March 15, but when I just checked again, it was postponed on April 30.

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Here’s a quick update:
A handful of pre-production boards are being provided to partners for feedback through their testing efforts.
Final production boards for pre-order customers are in the process of being built and shipped to distributors, and we expect to be able to share stock levels and timelines soon.