Why doesn't SiFive respond?

Hello, I have tried to contact SiFive several times. I wanted to know more about hypervisor extensions and about a possibility of doing a remote internship. I contacted sifive via email, via linkedin, via contact form and get a response only once. After that SiFive doesn’t respond. They also haven’t responded in twitter.

P.S. Also, why are so unsuitable pictures are posted in SiFive’s twitter:
SiFive’s account looks like a 15 y.o. girl’s one. Just compare with ARM’s account:
and etc.

I don’t find the use of Simpsons imagery unsuitable.

There are a few very smart mathematicians creating the Simpsons. Perhaps SiFive is looking for brilliant people with a sense of humour.

I don’t think 15 year old girls understand the Simpsons.

Anyway, I find it all preferable to the usual meaningless corporate style as in the links you provided.

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Hi Denis,

We are sorry that we have not been able to respond to all your inquiries. We receive a lot of questions and requests and we do the best that we can, and are not offended if you keep asking us!

The forums are also one of the best ways to reach us, particularly on items like the hypervisor extensions.

As for a remote internship, well, please continue to email jobs@sifive.com, or keep an eye on job postings https://www.sifive.com/about/jobs/, or find us at any of of the industry and public events that we go to. Calling us out on a forums, however, is probably not the best way to go about asking for a job with a prospective employer.

As for twitter, different companies have different styles, so I won’t speak for others. I will say though, if there are any 15 year old girls out there, we would love to have them as an interns at SiFive! Our technology and industry needs to be more inclusive and not less so…and comments, even if there is no ill-intent, send the wrong message to the aspiring young engineers and scientists of all genders and backgrounds.

Jack Kang
VP Product

I only want to say that you have serious problems with PR (from my personal point of view). I don’t feel myself stupid when I look through Intel’s or ARM’s twitters. But when I see such a tweet I find myself a bit confused. A strange black guy, hm, is he CEO? Also, somehow I can get a quick answer from TI but I have to disturb Andrew Waterman via LinkedIn in order to get some answer after several requests via official channels.

Yes. There are a lot of great women in admin at SiFive, but there must be more Megans out there somewhere too!

No, the cat is.

There are a few orders of magnitude difference in size! TI have people to do that.

I think it’s great that Andrew and Krste and Yunsup are easily available on the internet. Getting their attention (preferably in a positive way) is the best route to a job at SiFive. As with any company, it’s always going to be more effective to have Andrew tell Neshat (neshat@sifive.com … HR, which would be the “official channel”) “Please hire this guy” than to just randomly have your CV land on her desk.

SiFive is growing very rapidly and pretty much everyone is very busy, and maybe no one more than HR. I often had multi-week delays in getting responses during my hiring process … but got there in the end :slight_smile:


The guy in question IS fairly well known (though I appreciate he might be not so well known in other cultures or locations). Rather than leave you in the dark here is his Wikipedia page: