How to run program in freedom-u-sdk linux on VC707

(leisure black) #1

Following freedom/issues/116, I boot Linux on VC707 without PCIE card, but it doesn’t have some tools like gcc in this Linux.
bruce say need mount a Debian or Fedora filesystem by network. But on VC707, interface eth0 can’t be recognized.

what should I do to run my program(like hollo world)?
Thanks in advance.

(Bruce Hoult) #2

You can compile your program with Linux/glibc gcc (not elf/newlib) on the host computer and copy it to the VC707 with ssh.

(leisure black) #3

Thank you for your quick reply!

(Bruce Hoult) #4

ok, maybe not if ethernet isn’t working. In this case mount the disk image on the host and copy your program on to it before booting on the VC707.

(Jim Wilson) #5

I think that if you don’t have the fmc/pci adapter, then you won’t have any useful devices. Also, last I heard, the vc707 boot loader doesn’t support mounting the second partition on the SDcard. That just leaves adding the program to the initramfs somehow. Either by adding it as a formal package to buildroot, or by modifying the initramfs to add another file. I’ve never done this myself, but this site
suggests a way to do it.

If you are cross compiling, make sure that your cross compiler glibc is compatible with the glibc on the target. If they are different glibc versions, this is unlikely to work unless you static link.

(leisure black) #6

OK, I understand.
Thanks for you help!

(ZhuXuanlong) #7

How to solve the problem of vc707 network is not available?
Thanks you!

(Brendon Chetwynd) #8

For the buildroot-based SDK, I created an application and copied it the appropriate directories and modified the appropriate config files (I don’t have ethernet either).

Feel to checkout… under the software directory. A makefile contains the buildroot tweaks I needed to do.

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