Freedom-u-sdk compile c files

Hi Everybody ,

                      i  have booted my freedom-u540  board  by using freedom-u-sdk . after did this  created one home directory   hello.c file i want to compile this c file  using gcc or riscv64-gnu-linux-gcc so i am trying to compile this file but it shows no gcc & riscv linux command not how can i add this feature .can anybody knows help me out.

Thanking you,

Freedom-u-sdk gives you a very minimal Linux system. You’ll want to compile things on a PC and copy them to the HiFive Unleashed using the network or directly on to the SD card.

If you want to build software on the HiFive Unleased itself you’re better off to runl Debian or Fedora on it.

Note: it’s common to boot into the small system freedom-u-sdk creates, mount a Debian or Fedora root filesystem from a PC using the network, and chroot into it.

If interested in other choices, see