The network of vc707 not available after loading the version without pcie card

(ZhuXuanlong) #1

Following freedom/issues/116, I boot Linux on VC707 without PCIE card, but the network is not available.

(Jim Wilson) #2

There are no useful devices unless you have the fmc/pcie interface card, and if you do have that, then you can add an ethernet card to a pcie externder to get ethernet support.

(ZhuXuanlong) #3

There is a network interface on vc707. Why can’t this network interface be used?

(Jim Wilson) #4

It is just a connector. To make it usable, you need to add an ethernet transceiver to your cpu, either by designing one (hard) or by licensing one (expensive), and then wire up that transceiver to the connector and to the cpu via the appropriate buses. You will also need drivers for that transceiver linked into the linux kernel that you are using.

The stuff we ship only has support for pcie over the optional fmc card, which is how we use it.

I’m not a hardware guy, so I might not have all of the details right.

(ZhuXuanlong) #5

Thanks for your quick reply. Is it okay to connect only a HiTechGlobal PCIe FMC card to vc707?

(Jim Wilson) #6

I don’t know. I’ve never used a vc707 or the HiTechGlobal PCIe FMC card. We should have a list of cards we have tested somewhere in the vc707 docs, and if a card is not listed there then we probably haven’t tested it.

(Erik Danie) #7


Yes, the Hitech Global PCIe Root FMC card is what we recommend. See the guide for more info.