How to run linux on vc707


I want to try U500 on vc707.
But I not buy HiTechGlobal X8 PCI Express Gen1/2/3 FMC Module.
I follow the step by step according to SiFive-U500-vc707-gettingstarted-v0.2.pdf
But uart doesn’t have anyting output.

I want to know if the HiTechGlobal X8 PCI Express Gen1 / 2/3 FMC module is required.

(Wesley W. Terpstra) #2

It is by default, but you can disable it.

In freedom/fpga-shells/src/main/scala/shell/xilinx/VC707NewShell.scala:213 comment out the line:

  val pcie      = Overlay(PCIeOverlayKey)      (new PCIeVC707Overlay    (_, _, _))


Thank you very much, I successfully started linux according to your suggestion.

(Mateusz Wozniak) #4


Could you please provide a bitstream with this parameter changed?