U500 on VC-707 - Removing PCIe / Operating w/o FMC module

This question has been asked before, but the no-pcie and no-pcie-2 branches on github.com/sifive/freedom.git are quite a bit out of sync with the most recent code-base.

While the Freedom U500 on the VC-707 is using the on-board differential clock, the system will not boot w/o the FMC Card providing the PCIe clock.

My goal is to remove the dependency on the FMC module and remove the PCIe interface (or at least disable it).

Pointers would be most appreciated.

  • Brendon

Please read this link at the github

and then try the pull request at

If it works for you, please support my pull request.


Thank you. I have use your repos (freedom and freedom-u-sdk).

I am looking to potentially migrate to the latest version of freedom-u-sdk. What changes beyond the config files were made?