Sd_cmd: timeout error on VC707


I have a VC707 board and I’m using the master branches of freedom and hifive-unleashed branch of freedom-u-sdk.

I have no FMC for PCIe, so I cherry-picked this commit.

Synthesizing and building the tools and design go well. However, when I try to boot, I get the following output on the console:

sd_cmd: timeout

I tried with 3 SD Cards (Samsung SDHC 16 GiB, Samsung micro SDHC 32 GiB and Toshiba 32 GiB), all result in the same outcome.

I am wondering if that’s an SD Card issue or it might be something to do with the exact freedom and/or freedom-u-sdk I’m using, given the no FMC thing.


Ok, I had to downgrade to Vivado’s 2016.4 version, now it works.