Data Sheet for Learn Inventor


Dear SiFive team,

I recently acquired a Learn Inventor board, but I can’t find any serious documentation (e.g. data sheet) besides a very rudimentary " Getting Started Guide.pdf" and an empty “DataSheet.pdf” on

I’m especially interested in controlling the color LEDs on the SoC and reading the sensors.

Thanks for any hint!

(Jim Wilson) #2

I don’t know anything about the board, or low level board programming, but the getting started docs point at a dts file. That is a text file that describes the hardware, used for the linux kernel, and also for our bsp, which is Looking at the Amazon-FreeRTOS repo, I found bsp files in and if you look at the design.dts file there it has lines for 0red etc that mention gpio0 address and apparently an interrupt number? The metal-platform.h file appears to have a lot of macros that might be useful. Or alternatively, you could try reading freedom-e-sdk docs and using the interfaces provided by the bsp.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply! I checked the DTS file you referred to and indeed found some lines on “led@0red”, “led@0green”, and “led@0blue”; in my eyes this describes a single multicolor LED (as available on HiFive1 board), but Learn Inventor features a matrix of 48 multicolor LEDs, so I still lack information on how to control these.
In metal-platform.h I only see a macro to enable LED driver code, but no specifics on LED matrix control.
I also checked freedeom e sdk, but I can only find references to the single color LED mentioned above.

As HiFive1 Rev B and Learn Inventor are similar, but not identical boards, I would expect some way to distinguish between both in FreeRTOS or freedom e sdk code, but I don’t see any macros for this purpose or even a dedicated board support package for Learn Inventor.

Could it be that dedicated support for Learn Inventor-specific peripherals such as LED matrix or temperature sensor are simply still missing?

Thanks for any further help!

(Jim Wilson) #4

I can’t find any useful public documentation. I’ve raised an issue internally asking for better docs to be made available, and we are working on it.


Hi Jim,

Thanks a lot for your help, I’m really looking forward to seeing more Learn Inventor-related documentation.

(Patrick Ferris) #6

Hi all,

I have also just received the SiFive Learn Inventor and I’m really excited to start tinkering with it! The work SiFive are doing with RISC-V is great. Any updates on when further Learn Inventor documentation might be made available?

Maybe I’m wrong, but when you initially connect the device you are greeted with blue and green LEDs - maybe the initial code the board ships with would be useful?

In any case, love the work that’s going on in this area. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(nick) #7

Hi all,

Any timescale for the micropython too - the Pimoroni description say it is available, but I can’t find it anywhere.