Amazon FreeRTOS on HiFive RevB


Hi, I tried to run an example of amazon freertos on hifive rev B board, the source code from here (

I have built successfully aws_demo and aws_test projects by Freedom Studio. However I get some errors when try to download and run program.

The debugger showed that it was trapped in an infinite loop in file entry.S

/* For sanity's sake we set up an early trap vector that just does nothing.  If
 * you end up here then there's a bug in the early boot code somewhere. */
.section .text.metal.init.trapvec
.align 2
    csrr t0, mcause
    csrr t1, mepc
    csrr t2, mtval
    j early_trap_vector

In think the issue is in the Debug Configuration.

(vadim) #2

The repository above is targeting learn inventor board (although hifive1 is mentioned in the repo)


Thanks for replying. Can it be used for Hifive1. How to solve my issue

(Jim Wilson) #4

The HiFive1, HiFive1 RevB, and Learn Inventor boards aren’t compatible with each other. The AWS freeRTOS port is just for the Learn Inventor board as far as I know.

But there is a HiFive1 RevB freeRTOS port upstream.

I don’t have a HiFive1 RevB board, so I’ve never tried it and can’t answer questions about it.