Build Demo application RISC-V-Qemu-sifive_e-FreedomStudio FreeRTOS v10.2.1

(Nirav) #1

I want to run FreeRTOS on Sifive Hifive1 Hardware Board or in qemu environment.

I have downloaded FreeRTOS v10.2.1 and I have set riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc toolchain in my Linux 16.04 PC.

FreeRTOS v10.2.1 directories contains demo application named “RISC-V-Qemu-sifive_e-FreedomStudio” for riscv architecture.
But, I am trying to build it showing following errors.

Note: I didn’t find any details about porting of FreeRTOS on SiFive HiFive1 Board. Is it possible to port FreeRTOS on HiFive1 OR not? If yes then please guide me to port FreeRTOS on HiFive1 Board.