SPI Hifive 1 Rev B


I am working with the Hifive 1 rev B, the main aim is to communicate with the ESP32 Chip on the Board using SPI. The example code that is available with the Freedom e SDK, is not working for me. I tried to debug the code and it seems stuck in a loop. How do i setup a working demo of SPI on Hifive 1B?
I just started working with the Borad, this is completely new for me. so please advice.

(Krists) #2

I am also experiencing this issue. Program hangs on “metal_spi_transfer(spi, &config, 3, tx_buf, rx_buf);”.

If someone reading this is working in Sifive, please hire a human to maintain and make sample programs. The included samples have problems. At least finaly thanks for led blinking demo fix. And please, restore Arduino IDE support or at least software support like in Hifive1. My Hifive revb board is currently an expensive paper weight. I can’t do anything meaningful without software samples and libraries.


I’m not from SiFive, but in Rust community we do have working examples for this board: https://github.com/riscv-rust/riscv-rust-quickstart/tree/master/examples
Everyone is welcome to try this out :slight_smile:
If you are new to Rust, you can start here or here.

(Penguin) #4

I barely got any of the sifive examples to work. I use the rust stuff because it actually works and its pretty easy to get started.

(Akshai M) #5

Can’t believe one has to learn a new programming language altogether to use a Microcontroller Board !!!


You do not have to. Rust is not forced or even officially supported by SiFive, it’s just a nice alternative.


Hi I am also facing the same problem. Please provide some help.