Watch out Noob coming through

Really interested in the potential of the HiFive1, except I’m so lost.
I have recent installed all software tools and have been looking for a way to view/implement RISC-V from the HiFive. I am unaware if i need Freedom Studio or the Arduino IDE, preferably FS if one is necessary. I was also wondering if there was any documentation that would support the Learning of how to manipulate simple practical functions besides the Dhrystone. Maybe I need to start looking at a larger scope before focusing in on the complex, to me, specifics of the board.

It depends on exactly what you are a n00b to.

You’re new to RISC-V, but know your way around ARM or AVR or PIC microcontrollers and development boards and how to deal with I/O pins, PWM, interrupts etc by manipulating registers with C? Jump into Freedom Studio.

Totally new to microcontrollers? Get the standard Arduino IDE and load HiFive1 support into it . Start simply with the standard Arduino digitialRead(), digitalWrite() etc functions, sample sketches, and numerous tutorials on the web. You can switch to doing some things directly with C (or ASM) and registers as you are ready to (and/or need to).

Ah Bruce thank you. I’d say I’m more of the second description, I have a lesser knowledge of microcontrollers. Is there anywhere you would suggest to look or just good ol research along with trial and error?

Read the whole thing (it’s not long), and then follow the instructions in the “Software Development Using the Arduino IDE” section starting on p14.

If something there has become stale, then of course please let us know!

Try the other example “sketches”. Everything should work, as long as it doesn’t use analog inputs (analogRead()), which the HiFive1 doesn’t have.

Look at or just google for other “arduino tutorial” pages.