Arduino IDE support for Hifive1 revb (a question for the SiFive management and/or employees) (not yet answered)

(Krists) #1

Will there be any plans to restore Arduino IDE support for Hifive1 revb? The HiFive1 did have full Arduino IDE support, which meant that you could simply use libraries. However, now it is complete nightmare.
Want to use generic LCD library? Port it yourself! Want see how to use Wifi? HAHA, go read documentation! No samples for you!

Who in managment thought this would be a good idea to drop Arduino IDE support? It is what new ISA with not mature software ecosystem needs, right? To not allow to simply use existing fully open source Arduino IDE with good and plentiful of libraries and samples. If Freedom studio would have plenty of sample programs and proper library support as in Arduino IDE, I wouldn’t complain. I am pretty sure, that other users are also missing the libraries and many proper samples.

I would like to know from insiders who work at Sifive, why they intentionally dropped Arduino IDE support for second board revision. What was the true reason?

(John Fireman) #2

I have a revb and uno r3, and I used to try to port some arduino demo on hifive1, I guess a reason is that the resourse on the board is not as same as arduino, and I notice that arduino will produce a new board with a RISC-V processor instead of AVR …

(Krists) #3

Keep in mind, that in first board revision there was full Arduino IDE support. Second revision board is exacly the same, but with Wifi, Bluetooth and slighty newer debug spec. It is the same chip.

Can you provide more information on RISC-V Arduino board?

(John Fireman) #4

It just IDE, not library … You can also use platformIO or something else, but for example on arduino you can use timer0~2, but on hifive1 there are only mtime.

And the board is named Arduino Cinque

(Krists) #5

Yes, it might be only IDE, but ide with many high quality samples and libraries. No other IDE comes closes to ease of use to Arduino IDE.

Look at the date of the post. This board does not exist anymore. Even if you go to offical Arduino store, it is not there.