SiFive Learn Inventor Board - Documentation

Where can I get the required information for the SiFive Learn Inventor board:

It would be nice to get …

  • schematic
  • FE310-G003 MCU data sheet
  • FE310-G003 MCU user manual

SiFive doesn’t response on any EMAIL, says shall ‘ask SiFive’ :slightly_frowning_face:

Now I am in the trap, bought a useless board maybe for the waste and I am shortly
to say RISC-V is more RISK-V.

Hi wkh,

I don’t see those documents online, either. So I completely understand your frustration. Our customer experience department is looking into this.

Nick Knight
Technical Lead, Software Performance Team

I can make these documents available directly. I will wait for a private portal to upload to…

Hi wkh,

Our documentation team is working to make these documents available through our website. In the meanwhile, I have made them available here:

This includes the FE310-G003 manual and datasheet, the SiFive Learn Inventor schematics, and the SiFive Learn Inventor Getting Started Guide.

Nick Knight
Technical Lead, Software Performance Team

EDIT: I have taken down this link because some of the documents were incomplete and our team is working to fix them.

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Thank you very much!

Now with the complete documentation this pretty board is getting to be a real ‘SiFive Learn Inventor Board’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:, because schematic upload is not complete:

  • Page 1 and 3 missing

Intentional - page 1 is internal documentation, and page 3 is the CPU page. Page 3 is the CPU only page - should not be needed for users wanting to code on this platform.

Ok, this with the 1st page I understood, if not a schematic,

but why I get from any other company and board vendor …

  • NXP
  • Microchip
  • ST Microelectronic
  • SparkFun RED-V Board
  • Raspberry PI
  • Adafruit
  • Cypress
  • Silabs
  • Maxim Integrated
  • NXP
  • Nordic
  • Renesas
  • nuvoTon
  • Embedded Artist
  • Texas Instrument
  • and last but not least look into the schematic of the famous SiFive company, if you buy the HiFive1 Rev B board :slight_smile:

Look here …

the never needed CPU page?

I have over 200 evaluation boards at home with any schematic and now I get such a sentence. ‘the CPU only page - should not be needed for users wanting to code on this platform.’:

If the board is sooo secret why sold for private peoples on

An evaluation board is complete, if the schematic is complete, too!

SiFive Learn Inventor - Schematic and FE310-G003 Documentation

  • Thank you Mr. N. Knight (for schematic page 2, 4, 5 , 6 and 7)!

  • Thank you Mr. N. Knight (for SiFive FE310-G003 Manual and SiFive FE310-G003 Preliminary Datasheet! Maybe I have now more than other peoples :slightly_smiling_face:)

  • Schematic page 1 --> TOP SECRED (why then part of the schematic, but accepted by me).

  • Schematic page 3 --> MCU part is TOP SECRET and my heart as a freaky EVAL board collector feels broken (final explanation, not needed for development). This answer has been hard for me.

  • Now I take my multi-meter and I will revers engineer the MCU part of the board (Ouch!).

But I think now SiFive will put the documentation professional as promised fully online.