SiFive Learn Inventor Board - Documentation

Where can I get the required information for the SiFive Learn Inventor board:

It would be nice to get …

  • schematic
  • FE310-G003 MCU data sheet
  • FE310-G003 MCU user manual

SiFive doesn’t response on any EMAIL, says shall ‘ask SiFive’ :slightly_frowning_face:

Now I am in the trap, bought a useless board maybe for the waste and I am shortly
to say RISC-V is more RISK-V.

Hi wkh,

I don’t see those documents online, either. So I completely understand your frustration. Our customer experience department is looking into this.

Nick Knight
Technical Lead, Software Performance Team

I can make these documents available directly. I will wait for a private portal to upload to…

Hi wkh,

Our documentation team is working to make these documents available through our website. In the meanwhile, I have made them available here:

This includes the FE310-G003 manual and datasheet, the SiFive Learn Inventor schematics, and the SiFive Learn Inventor Getting Started Guide.

Nick Knight
Technical Lead, Software Performance Team

EDIT: I have taken down this link because some of the documents were incomplete and our team is working to fix them.

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Thank you very much!

Now with the complete documentation this pretty board is getting to be a real ‘SiFive Learn Inventor Board’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:, because schematic upload is not complete:

  • Page 1 and 3 missing

Intentional - page 1 is internal documentation, and page 3 is the CPU page. Page 3 is the CPU only page - should not be needed for users wanting to code on this platform.

Ok, this with the 1st page I understood, if not a schematic,

but why I get from any other company and board vendor …

  • NXP
  • Microchip
  • ST Microelectronic
  • SparkFun RED-V Board
  • Raspberry PI
  • Adafruit
  • Cypress
  • Silabs
  • Maxim Integrated
  • NXP
  • Nordic
  • Renesas
  • nuvoTon
  • Embedded Artist
  • Texas Instrument
  • and last but not least look into the schematic of the famous SiFive company, if you buy the HiFive1 Rev B board :slight_smile:

Look here …

the never needed CPU page?

I have over 200 evaluation boards at home with any schematic and now I get such a sentence. ‘the CPU only page - should not be needed for users wanting to code on this platform.’:

If the board is sooo secret why sold for private peoples on

An evaluation board is complete, if the schematic is complete, too!

SiFive Learn Inventor - Schematic and FE310-G003 Documentation

  • Thank you Mr. N. Knight (for schematic page 2, 4, 5 , 6 and 7)!

  • Thank you Mr. N. Knight (for SiFive FE310-G003 Manual and SiFive FE310-G003 Preliminary Datasheet! Maybe I have now more than other peoples :slightly_smiling_face:)

  • Schematic page 1 --> TOP SECRED (why then part of the schematic, but accepted by me).

  • Schematic page 3 --> MCU part is TOP SECRET and my heart as a freaky EVAL board collector feels broken (final explanation, not needed for development). This answer has been hard for me.

  • Now I take my multi-meter and I will revers engineer the MCU part of the board (Ouch!).

But I think now SiFive will put the documentation professional as promised fully online.


  • No official documentation ( FE310- G003 manual and official schematic) available.
  • Payed £40.80 for an useless evaluation board.

In my long time working in the embedded world (much more than 30 years) 'SiFive" is now the first company offering an evaluation board without any official documentations.

Hi @wkh :wave:

I’m wondering if this might help you? (I’ve found it here). Let me know if you find a FE310-G003 datasheet there.

Cheers, Alex

Hi @wkh

Apologies for not posting the official documentation yet as I know you only have the last draft versions. We will be posting the official version shortly. I will email you separately to ensure we can get you all the support you need.

Hi @Jeff ,

Just wondering how this is coming along? I originally posted about this on a different discussion.

Looking forward to being able to use the SiFive Learn Inventor :smile:

Hi @Jeff and @nick.knight,

Any updates?