HiFive Inventor Board - Schematics?


Is there any schematics available for the (BBC Doctor Who) HiFive Inventor Board? I guess that it is the same as the SiFive Inventor Board. Unfortunately, there is a dead link to a GitHub repo in the forum. Does any other information for this board exists?



There will be a block diagram available on hifiveinventor.com within a couple of weeks but there are currently no plans to make the schematic publicly available. There are also technical documents available on hifiveinventor.com for all of the major components on the board.


Thank you very much for the information. Yes, I saw the data sheets of the components. However, if you don’t want to stick to the Tynker web front end, it is difficult to program the board without knowing which pins of the uC are connected to a component. At least, this information could be available if the MicroPython hifive library were provided.

To put my question in another way, will it be possible to program the HiFive Inventor Board using FreedomStudio / Freedom E SDK in C?