Availability of FE310-G000 on Crowdsupply

(Drew) #1

Hi All,

I would like to announce limited quantity availability of the FE310-G000! This is the same silicon that powers the SiFive HiFive1 board which can now be used in your own boards and projects. The FE310-G000 is available from Crowd Supply in quantities of 5 for $25 via the link below (same page as the HiFive1 boards):

As part of this release, the team has been hard at work updating the FE310-G000 Manual and Data Sheet. Specifically we have updated the material in most (if not all) chapters, and pulled in all necessary chapters/sections/references from various sources into these 2 documents.
Manual: https://www.sifive.com/documentation/chips/freedom-e310-g000-manual/
Data Sheet: https://www.sifive.com/documentation/chips/freedom-e310-g000-datasheet/

As usual, please let us know if you have a neat project planned for the FE310-G000. We can’t wait to see what you all build!


(Dave) #2

Really appreciate these in particular! Good work.

(Drew) #3

Thanks! As usual we are happy to take any feedback you may have… and if you spot any mistakes, do let us know.

(Ken Rabold) #4

In the SiFive-FE310-G000-manual-v2p0.pdf, section 19.4:

19.4 Receive Data Register (rxdata)
Reading the rxdata register dequeues a character from the receive FIFO, and returns the value
in the data field. The empty flag indicates if the receive FIFO was empty; when set, the data field
does not contain a valid character. Writes to rxdata are ignored.

There is no empty flag listed in the register description table 19.3 (I’m assuming it is bit 31)

(Albert Huntington) #5

Thanks for the correction. It is in fact bit 31, and we will be correcting this in the next release of the manual.

(Drew) #6

Thanks for all of the feedback we received. Version v2p2 of the manual is now available.