FE310-G000 manual is missing the GPIO IOF mappings

This is really a message for the SiFive documentation team.

After much searching, I found a set of IOF mappings for the FE310-G002 (in the -G002 manual). I’m going to assume that things are similar for the G000, namely:

UART and SPI pins are all IOF0 (IOF_SEL=0)
PWM pins are all IOF1 (IOF_SEL=1)

Maybe update the -G000 manual to include these? I was really going crazy trying to find this info! I even tracked down a copy of the Freedom E300 Platform manual hoping to find my answers there, but alas, no!


  • David

Hey David!
Did you manage to figure out the actual memory addresses of the IOF_EN and IOF_SEL register?

found it!
it’s defined in the src/drivers/sifive,gpio0.c

#define GPIO_IOF_EN     (0x38)
#define GPIO_IOF_SEL    (0x3C)