SiFive FE310-G002 Manual v19p05 missing GPIO IOF mapping

The GPIO IOF mappings are still missing in the latest manual, see FE310-G000 manual is missing the GPIO IOF mappings.

Here are the missing GPIO IOF mappings:

  • iof_en 0x38
  • iof_sel 0x3C
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Just stumbled upon this myself, and this is still the case.

Its defined in the freedom-e-sdk but missing from the manual FSR : the missing registers are in /include/sifive/devices/gpio.h and the definitions of the IOFs are in /include/sifive/platform.h. This should be listed in the manual but is not.

While you’re at it @deadcommon please add these to the Manual as well. They’re not even in the platform headers, either.

The SPI blocks at 0x10014000 , 0x10024000 , and 0x10034000 Have two very important registers not shown in Chapter 19, Table 65 of the Manual:
extradel : 0x38
sampledel : 0x3c

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While we are at it, also, we could go look at the I2C chapter in the manual. There was no I2C silicon IP block in the -G000 silicon, but there is in the G002 and G003. But it is not documented. If you follow the guide to the Wishbone core spec, you find nothing helpful in that. The only way of figuring out how to use the is to look at the examples on Github.

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I realized this yesterday. I had to get the mappings from freedom-e-sdk. It is not a big deal but confused me a little.

@radiantbucket yes I suggested that 9 days ago I believe :slight_smile: