Windows Arduino IDE upload fails [SOLVED]

I cannot upload an Arduino sketch to the HiFive1. I receive the following error. Googling returns a number of hits with this error over several years but none are for Windows.

Error: unable to open ftdi device with vid 0403, pid 6010, description ‘Dual RS232-HS’, serial ‘’ at bus location '

Other items:
Installed the FTDI Driver successfully.
Rebooted several times.
The IDE reports 2 active serial ports 6 and 7, but only port 7 responds to the IDE’s Serial Monitor.
Serial Monitor communicates - when the board is reset the logo prints on the SM.

My System:
Windows 10
FTDI Driver loaded
Arduino IDE 1.85
Board “HiFive1”
CPU Clock Frequency to “256MHz PLL”
Programmer to “SiFive OpenOCD”

After gather details from several site and more testing here is my fix:

  1. if the FTDI Driver is loaded, connect the board, enter device manager, and delete the COMx port(s) under Ports for the HiFive1 board. Also under Universal Serial Bus Devices delete Dual RS232-HS.
  2. reboot
  3. Go here: and follow the driver installation half way down the page, including installing the driver twice! Check the install in device manager as shown.
  4. Start the Arduino IDE I tested version 1.85. Version 1.90 Beta returned compile errors.
  5. To install the SiFive package go here:
  6. Next set the HiFive1 parameter under tools:
    Board: “HighFive 1”
    Tool Install Location “Default”
    CPU Clock Frequency “256 MHz PLL”
    Port (Should now show up as the com port in the device manager)
    Programmer: “SiFive OpenOCD”
    If tyou want more details go here:
  7. Compile and upload Blink.ino from the Examples folder.
    Ignore the warnings: halted at 0x80000004 due to software breakpoint.
    If upload is successful: wrote 65536 bytes from file
    And a final message: halted at 0x20400004 due to step
    The RGB LED should be blinking bright green.