Problem with serial port and Arduino IDE [SOLVED]

(Krists) #1

I have following problem:

I have followed all instructions ( (15. page). I have tried several usb ports, I reinstalled Arduino IDE. I tried all settings. I tried all serial ports. I even connected Arduino uno and it worked instantly (after changing back correct compiler and other things)

I am using latest Arduino IDE on Ubuntu 19.04 and I have HiFive1 Rev B. (RGB led demo program is working)

Does anybody know how to solve problem? Do I have defective unit? Please help

Edit: I red documentation for older board. HiFive1 Rev B doesn’t support Arduino IDE. Only options are Freedom Studio and command line tool.

(Bruce Hoult) #2

Those are not the correct instructions for the HiFive1 Rev B.

The correct instructions (as I just googled for) are

It’s also linked from the HiFive1 Rev B product page

(Krists) #3

Thanks for hint.

(Bruce Hoult) #4

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