Issue occuring sifive board

Open On-Chip Debugger 0.11.0
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
OpenOCD: Bug Reporting
DEPRECATED! use ‘adapter speed’ not ‘adapter_khz’
DEPRECATED! use ‘adapter driver’ not ‘interface’
Info : auto-selecting first available session transport “jtag”. To override use ‘transport select ’.
Error: no device found
Error: unable to open ftdi device with vid 0403, pid 6010, description ‘Dual RS232-HS’, serial ‘’ at bus location '

the selected serial port
does not exist or your board is not connected

please help anyone to resolve this issue using ubuntu system 22.04 and arduino version 1.8.19 and HiFive rev b01 board testing

Assuming that your board is connected to your computer…

Try running OpenOCD with sudo privileges.
If that works then the issue is almost certainly that you didn’t install the relevant udev rules file for non-root access.

Also, the “deprecated” messages suggest that you’re using old OpenOCD scripts with a more recent version of OpenOCD. You should probably update/fix the scripts.

OpenOCD 0.11.0 is also quite old so it may make sense to use a more recent version/build of OpenOCD. OpenOCD 0.12.0 was released over a year ago and there has been a lot of RISC-V specific work since then both upstream and in the RISC-V OpenOCD fork:

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@MANU First, not sure if that vid/pid pair is correct for the HiFive Rev.B 01 board, which has its embedded J-Link device. The 0403/6010 pair you mention is for FTDI’s FT2232 chip, which is not on the HiFive1 Rev.B board. See the HiFive 1b Getting Started Guide which, in Section 6.1.1, instructs to install on Ubuntu the driver with

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/JLink_Linux_V644b_x86_64.deb

Second, you might want to change your OpenOCD .cfg (i.e., tcl) script file replacing the interface ftdi statement with interface jlink. Actually, you should rather use adapter driver jlink as this is the new statement version.

Third, an earlier discussion on the forums might provide some clue.